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of atlanta. we're one of six agencies that welcome refugees into georgia. our mission is to welcome, serve, and empower refugees in georgia. our organization resettles somewhere between 450-500 refugees per year. i'm going to talk a little bit about how refugee resettlement looks at the local level. i got involved as a family friend volunteer at one of our sister organizations, catholic r. of atlanta. the first refugee family i met was from somalia that was resettled in atlanta. i was a family friend coming into their home to teach english, which i never done before. it was interesting exspeshes. but i spent a year and a half with this family. i had the punt to be with the family as they learn how to navigate the grocery store, one family member got a drivers license. they moved into a home, they got married, had children. it was a really wonderful opportunity to see human resilience and to meet the most grateful, interesting, creative people that i've ever met in my life. i'm blessed to continue meeting people like this every single day. i'm going to give you a little bit of the nuts and
penalty locker for me with the case if. greg: versus georgia. the supreme court throughout threw out the death penalty in an arbitrary capricious manner that was like getting struck by lightning. you never know who is going to be executed. the states rewrote their death penalty laws and another case came up in 1976 called greg versus georgia where they have the opportunity to see what the states have done and what georgia had done and perhaps reinstate capital punishment. it was a huge case because the opponents of capital punishment thought the earlier decision was the first and they could use the case to rid the capital of -- the country of capital punishment supporters said if we can get humpty dumpty back on the wall if the georgia law is upheld. troy gregg was a hitchhiker picked up by a couple of good time charlie's. they stopped and got a case of beer and had to go to the restroom and stopped again when they came back. gregg had it gone and shot them both at point bank rage. based old the money in the car. the supreme court looked at how georgia had rear-ended slot and require
with the case of greg v. georgia. the supreme court threw out the death penalty in 1972 finding it was implemented in an an arbitrary and capricious manner that was like getting struck by lightning. well, states read their death penalty laws, and another case came up in 1976 called gregg v. georgia where they had the opportunity to see what the states had done, what georgia had done and perhaps reinstate capital punishment. it was a huge case because opponents of capital punishment thought the earlier decision was just first tool to rid the country of capital punishment once and for all. and supporters of the death penalty said, well, we can get humpty dumpty back on the wall here if the georgia law's upheld. he was a hip hiker, and he had to go to the restroom and stopped again. when they came back, gregg had a gun and shot them both at point-blank range to steal their money and car. the question was, did he get the death sentence? the supreme court looked at how georgia had rewritten its law. it required, one, a bifurcated trial which means you have one part of the trial to de
versus georgia. the supreme court threw out the death penalty saying it was a capricious manner that was like getting struckly lightning, you never knew who was going to be executed. states rewrote the death penalty laws, and another case came up in 1976 called greg versus georgia where they had the opportunity to see what the states had done, what georgia had done, and perhaps reinstate capital punishment. it was a huge case because opponents thought earlier, and they could use the case to rid the country of capital punishment once and for all, and supporters say this was -- we can get humpy dumpy back on the wall if the law is upheld. troy greg was a hitchhiker picked up by good time charlies who got a case of beer, had to go to the restroom, and stopped again when they came back. greg had a gun, shooting them both at point-blank range to steal the money and car. could he get the death penalty? the supreme court looked how georgia rewrote the law, required one a biforkated trial, one part of the trial to determine if the person's guilty, and a second trial, which is much more
in savannah georgia and african-american and the murder takes place and the victim is not only the white but the off-duty police officer so you have that melodrama and he is in the wrong place at the wrong time but not the triggerman with all the evidence i can put together. his trial hinged online eyewitness identification seven of them recanted over his 20 years in prison. no saliva, and no blood or anything for dna dna, fingerprints or murder weapon. people who identified him said at the time of the crime they were investigating, they were coerced to sign confessions confessions, a couple could not even read. teenagers at the time, scared, they cooperated because they felt that they had to and troy was nailed. any time there is such a crime it is understandable the community is up in arms there is fear and anxiety so the pressure is on the police to nail somebody quick and is on the prosecutor to convict but we need to make sure we get it right and with trade who i think is the actual culprit in the crime talked out of court and he admitted and confessed to several people who testifie
for a cancer drug. and find out how farmland is bringing new immigrants to georgia. the british-based syrian observatory of human rights says march was the deadliest months in the two-year-old conflict with more than 6000 people killed. this is supposed to show the opposition destroying tanks. activists believe the actual death toll could be higher because both sides often under report fatality. aljazeera has learned that the united nations is considering sending in a peacekeeping force as one of the options if the syrian government falls. our diplomatic editor has this exclusive report. ofat the u.n., hundreds staff have been working on secret contingency plans. it is a project code-named syria, the day after. after more than two years of bloodshed, they are preparing for this decisive event, including a possible fall of bashar al assad, but, of course, no one knows what will happen or when. the u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon has put the former deputy of sweden in charge. in his first interview on this sensitive subject, he told me the u.n. was considering a range of options. it >> abou
." students inchool georgia say they will not accept a prom for whites and a prom for blacks anymore. >> we're all friends. it is not right we cannot go to prom together. >> we have the white prom and integrated prom. >> people are set in their ways. they're not to adamant to change. >> we will speak with two high school students are making history by holding the first integrated prom in their school's history saturday night. then, "the trials of mohammad ali." >> 04/26/13 04/26/13 [indiscernible] you want me to go somewhere and fight but you won't even stand up for me. years of me and ali's like. >> in a broadcast exclusive, we'll have exurbs from "the trials of muhammed ali." we will look at the fight of his life, not boxing, but his refusal to fight in vietnam. the years of exile that followed and the supreme court's reversal of his conviction for resisting the draft. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. u.s. officials say intelligence indicates the regime of syrian president bashar al-assad has used deadly
] [ bleep ]. >> it's hard to believe but students in one georgia county have two separate proms. meet the friends teaming up to change a shocking tradition. >> there's always been a white prom and a black prom. >> a new video is finally introducing the world. how a five-legged lamb is fitting in at the farm. >>> plus, why somebody probably ought to have yelled timber. >>> and a sexy new spin on granny panties. what you love and hate. >> honestly, if you are there at that point, you probably don't care. wild scene from up in the trees in willot, california. >> four guys with guns. a bunch of ground crew to feel safe, huh? >> these are tree sitters protesting a highway that is going to be built in the area by cal trans. they have been living in the trees for nine weeks. people have been working around them, right? at this point, they had to take down two of the trees these people were in to continue the work. i have members of california highway patrol in a cherry picker trying to get one of these guys out of the tree. lots of people on the ground cheering for this guy. >> go! go! go! >
-american in savannah georgia and a murder takes place. troy is in the wrong place at the wrong time but not the triggerman his trial hinged on nine eyewitness identification is seven of the doom recanted there is no saliva, and no blood for fingerprints or murder weapon. the people who identified him said at the time of the crime they were coerced to sign confessions and some could not read, a teen-ager's at the time, scared, cooperated with the police because they thought millhouse -- felt they had to and troy was nailed in a ton there is the crime people in fear, anxiety, pressure is on the police to nail somebody quick and the pressure is on the prosecutor to convict that we need to make sure to get a right and in troy's case who i think is the actual corporate -- culprit be admitted and confessed to several people who testified in court that he committed the crime but those recantation were not taken as seriously as they should have and the appellate judge says why should we believe you now? realigning than my question is had to take the life of a man on a set of lies? >>host: w
of all races were able to at tend a prompt at a school in georgia. it has been almost 60 years since the supreme court desegregated state schools. and white teenagers arm in arm at the start of their high school prom, the end of term dance party held in almost every u.s. school at the final semester of the year. ♪ what is a normal sight in most of the country is making headlines here in rochelle, georgia. until now, the students had to separate proms, one for african- americans, one for whites. five of the youngsters who helped to bring about the change. lifelong friends, they say one day it struck them, this is silly. , we dong away with that not have a black class, white class. we have one class, one prom, one football team, one math class. >> their campaign started on facebook about but it highlighted deep divisions over race issues in the community. earlier this month, al jazeera spoke to a local council member who said is like living in two worlds that have up until now have seldom angled. >> when our children graduate and we tell them, go off to college, but do not come back
of the deathly said this, if we get humpty dumpty back on the wall, if the georgia law is upheld. troy craig was a hitchhiker who was taken by couple of good time charlie's a stop to get a case of beer and then they had to go to the restroom and then stopped again when they came back, craig had a gun and shot them both at point-blank range to steal the money and steal the car. the question was does he get death penalty? the supreme court look at how george had rewritten its law to give required one, a bifurcated trial which mention one part of the trial to determine if the person is guilty, and a second trial which is much more open ended to determine what the character of this person and what was so bad about the crime that would justify a death penalty. the court said the georgia law is fine. other states scrambled to meet what george had done to duplicate what george had done. we all assumed that gregg would be the first person to be executed. and anyway he was put on the way anybody thought. the night before his scheduled execution, he escaped from prison with four other inmates, said to
. >> there is a small town in north georgia, the latest to require that the head of every household own a gun. but the ordinance in nelson exempts those who don't believe in owning firearms, convicted felons and those with physical and mental disabilities. city officials there help more guns will help deter criminals. the city has only one police officer. we want to know is this a good idea or bad idea? send your comments to us. you can tweak them at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at fox friends first at fox >> next on the rundown, have you done your taxes yet? while you rush to file -- a few more days -- before you rush to file before that deadline, there are common mistakes that could be very costly. >> it sounds like a scene out of the movie "footloose" but this is a real danceoff to protest a crazy law. we'll tell you about that law. >> welcome back. 21 after the top of the hour. time for a segment we like to call what the hill? it's going to be clear to you why we call it that. nearly 500 budget workers given furlough notices but it appears employees in the west wing a
to that scene in georgia tonight. new fear in north korea. u.s. intelligence shows kim jong-un could launch multiple missiles at any moment. >>> as washington celebrates a breakthrough on background checks, it turns out that states have passed a lot of gun bills since newtown. are they doing more harm than good? we have an "outfront" investigation tonight. let's go "outfront." and good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, we begin with breaking news. four firefighters are being held hostage right now in swanny, georgia about, 35 miles outside of atlanta. as you can see there, let me go through what we know right now. it's a quickly developing situation. right now we can tell you s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the building where the firefighters are. there are hostage negotiators there. however, the police have not identified the suspects nor have they identified a motive for why this is hamg happening. the fire department responded to a medical call. mike brooks is on the phone. mike, i know you have new information from the people on the scene. what can you tell us right now
isaacson of georgia was one of them and he gives us the dish. ready to fire? as north korea celebrates the anniversary of kim jong un's appointment to power, the united states and asia are on high alert for a possible missile launch. >> kim jong un has not been in power all that long, so we don't have an extended track record for him, like we did with his father and grandfather. so that's why we're watching it closely to see if what he's doing is consistent with past patterns of north korean behavior. >> andrea mitchell joins us live from south korea with the latest. immigration nation, as thousands march in washington, we live the veil on who is funding the fight against immigration reform. >>> plus, pay up, eh? with a case of molson in tow, canada's foreign minister settles his beer bet with secretary of state, john kerry after the u.s. women's hockey team topples arch rival canada for the world title. >> we're very, very happy, i'm delighted that the american team won the game, but i salute our great canadian friends, and extraordinary group of athletes on both sides, they make for
benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> a pro palestinian web site fail to do do any damage. the hacking group says it launched the campaign in solidarity to the palestinian people to erase people from cyberspace. it was part of the annual holocaust remembrance day. bad news if you left state or energy drinks. they can both be bad for your heart. both contain compoundses to help with fatty acids. it can chicken the walls of arteries increasing the risk of heart disease. >> newly screened prisoners traditionally walk away with the ben ten ry of a bus ticket. many will be eligible to something else. medicaid healthcare. it will be required for low income adults including ex-cons on parole or probation that's kierd to go state lines that has ex-cons with jobs make too much money
. and in the eight, magic johnson watched the dodgers 4- nothing victory. ncaa women - cal/ georgia lindsay gottleib and cal trying to reach their 1st final four cal was down by 10 in the 2nd half but cal's talia caldwell follows up the missed free throw. 50-50 tie final seconds of regulation cal up 52-50 georgia's anne armstrong gets the offensive rebound and the putback to tie it 52-52 overtime 61-57 cal layshia carendon. gets in the lane and hist the pullup jumper 63-57 cal with 38 seconds left cal now up 3 last second heave by georgia to tie it isn't close cal is going to their first final four cal is the first team from the west coast to do so since long beach state in 1988 presdent obama picked cal to final: 65-62 cal carson palmer turns out carson palmer's last play in a raider uniform was this one: getting knocked out of the game in week 15 last year palmer is headed to the arizona cardinals in a deal that should be finalized according to reports the raiders will get a 6th or a 7th rounder back from arizona.a far cry from the 1st and a 2nd rounder the raiders had to give up to get palmer jus
up to one to two inches of rain from norfolk down to southeast portions of georgia and south carolina. notice the cut offline, new york city expecting a tenth to two tenths inches of rain. not a lot. as far as the forecast, windchill 20s and 30s down to atlanta and dallas. it's a chilly thursday across the country. in some cases, it's rainy. not only is it chilly, but raining. in georgia, they are freaking out. good thing the masters isn't this week. we need to flip the switch. middle of next week, i have that promise coming to you. >> look at this video. a tribute to '80s ar kate games using post it notes. 4800 of them. it took 11 days to shoot the still images that make up the video. he describes himself with too much time on his hands. >> i love donkey kong. >> post it notes. >>> obama is giving uncle sam back some of his salary. news for nfl fans and 2 million cars recalled because of air bags. >>> does it seem like carnival cruise lines has a black cloud over their ships? most people think that after an accident, you'll have to pay five hundred bucks for your deductible. the trut
with us this morning. >>> a group of georgia high school students say enough is enough. after years and years of having separate proms for the black students and white students, they organized the first integrated prom. we will look at the challenges they are still facing in 2013. [now arriving: city hospital] which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. [next stop financial center] [ male announcer ] the first look is only the beginning. ♪ ♪ this is a stunning work of technology. ♪ this is the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. she can't always move the way she wants. now you can. with stayfree ultra thins. flexible layers move with your body while thermocontrol wicks moisture away. keep moving. stayfree. while thermocontrol wicks moisture away. welcnew york state, where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in six
) >> a hostage situation in georgia finally over tonight. police say, the gunman who took four firefighters hostage for hours. is dead. this all happened inside a home near atlanta. police say, the suspect was shot after a swat team stormed the house when they set off a smoke bomb. authorities say, firefighters suffered minor injuries from the smoke bomb and one swat team member was shot in the hand. it all started when the firemen were responding to what appeared to be a routine medical call. >> it is being hailed as a breakthrough: two u-s senators -- a democrat and a republican -- announced a compromise that could possibly lead to expanded background checks on gun purchases. but, as joe johns reports, critics of the deal say, it fails to address the core issues of gun violence. a debate continues over how to prevent the mentally ill. who are dangerous, from getting access to guns. the latest gun control proposal in the senate. does not change the legal standard for red- flagging dangerous people who are mentally ill and seeking to purchase a gun. the u-s and its allies are bracing for a
in the arrest of a girl who took her own life a sexual assault. >>> a history making day in georgia, the 14-year-old holding his own with the best golfers in the world. >>> now a story some might say can only happen in san francisco, dozens of people lined up to get a free vibrator. trojanuaryjan says it is time to open up during this stressful time of the year. >> we want people opening up and bring it out to the public and the open. >> about a thousand were given out. >> mark is here now, a heart breaker today for the giants, what happened? >> there have been a lot of good vibrations, but there is always a little cuts that go deep. they were down 2-0 entering the nine, 2-out and-on and brandon belt with the tying and go-head run. this looked to be the game-winning run, but bottom of the 9th, riveria deep and ties it up. and then a single to david jesus, into the ivy, and can't be tracked down and scoring the winning run. and the four-game winning streak is over for the giants. we are headed for a great golf weekend, lots of stories developing in georgia. the 14-year-old warned about slow plays
of georgia, it's a reminder that years of racial segregation are not yet over. group of teenagers planning a cuause.ith a different >> these five high school students are lifelong friends. they've always been together. now they're about to change history. they've organized and integrated high school dance, the first time that has ever happened .ere patron god of the same water bottle, fill in the same locker room, what is going to kill them about -- they drink out of the same water bottle, change in the same locker room, what is going to kill them about going to a dance together? >> a seemingly divided community. >> it's like two different worlds. we have our world, they have their world. local city councilman says the prejudice runs deep. >> when our children graduate and we tell them, go off to college, get an education, but do not come back here -- when you come back here, you come back here to visit, not to live. >> this feels like the kind of place that the civil rights movement passed by. there are still plenty of people here who think think it is perfectly acceptable for high school
. utility work in the weeds and area of maryland, georgia avenue at university boulevard, a couple lanes blocked. light volume. pennsylvania avenue, woodyard road, overnight construction. nih, on thea near southbound side, one lane getting by. in light volume. road eachcanal direction between arizona and the chain bridge. that should be done by 5:00. we are good on va 95 up to the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. inwant to get to new details monday's deadly bombing at the boston marathon. police are searching an apartment in a boston suburb. >> massachusetts state police will only tell us that a search warrant related to the investigation has been served. tahman bradley has a latest. >> this morning the city of boston is on heightened alert to 1124 hours after terror erupted. thousands were celebrating patriots' day and running the boston marathon when a few yards from the finish line at 2: 50 p.m. the first bomb exploded. >> multiple people down here. stand by. the whitensued among smoke. then another explosion seconds later. three people killed including an eight-year-old boy. more
by the infernal and hateful resistance of bull connor, of clark, the sheriff in alabama, those in georgia, those across the nation and indeed the south, who did not understand that what these people possessed was mightier than money, was deeper than the rivers that flowed beneath this nation at its founding, they tapped into an eternal spirit of vigilant resistance in the name of spirit and of faith, and of family and of the quiet dignity of the american dream. martin luther king colored that dream powerfully that day. his sweet cadence gave voice to a people who knew that at our best, we belonged shoulder to shoulder with the great figures in american society. that despite the refusal to acknowledge who we are and indeed then were as people, that our rhetoric would appeal to the nation, even a president, one soon dead, another rising from the heated center of the south, so become our advocate because the president was not in control of providence but there was a god who spoke from washington, d.c. now for all of the blather of our christian experience, for all of the rhetoric of our religious r
everybody. coming up on first look, guns in america. a new law in a georgia town mandates gun ownership for heads of household. connecticut leaders agree to some of the toughest gun regulations in the nation. released from prison by mistake? the suspect in the colorado prison murder got out four years too early. michael jackson's $40 billion wrongful death lawsuit begins today. plus, the tan mom pushes new jersey governor chris christie to change tanning laws. louisville's kevin ware should be released from the hospital today and jay leno and jimmy fallon's late night duet. >>> got to see that. good morning everybody. i'm betty nguyen. imagine waking up and told you are required by law to own a gun and ammunition. if you live in georgia that's what happened. in a 5-0 vote on monday night, city council members approved the controversial new firearm mandate containing a number of exceptions. >> that doesn't mean that they're going to be somebody knocking at their door and say you have to it. if you do not want to have a firearm, you don't have to have it. >> convicted felons and physicall
to the strictest gun laws in america. in georgia, a small town passes a lieu that requires all homes to have a gun. in washington, the nra rolled out there million dollar study recommending several ways to improve gun safety including their national school shield. america's appetite for guns is waning. a support for universal background checks, down, banning assault weapons, down. arming our schools, down! the question is -- is gun control legislation doa on capitol hill. >> bob: it's dead on arrival. >> you owe me a coke. >> bob: are you asking me. i still believe that the background checks with the exceptions of family members will be a part of this bill. there is certainly no way assault weapons will be in there. it will be a much weaker bill what obama wanted but reality set in with the democrats and senate. reelection is very tough in those states. nra have good lobbyists and made their voices heard. >>> i think the left overreached and bill clinton caused them. they went too far, too fast. president bush pushed for it and andrew cuomo and embarrassingly he had to retool that bill. he was dis
can be thankful they live in georgia, where it turns out the state revenue commissioner knows a thing or two about this crime. >> a couple of years ago someone got a hold of my wife's name, social security number. they filed a tax return in her name and got a refund and it got processed through the irs and got processed through the state of georgia. >> georgia has beefed up its enforcement and teamed up with lexisnexi lexisnexis, and if something doesn't add up, the filer has to answer some questions. >> for example, here's four addresses, which one didn't you live at? here's four cars. which one do you own? >> they say it's working. last year nearly $100 million in fraud stopped before the refunds went out the door. but georgia is just one of 43 states with an income tax, so even if the crooks can't file here, they could just try some place else. for "nightly business report" scott cohn, atlanta. >> have you ever been a victim of identity theft? >> knock wood, i have not, but very fearful of it. >> i was, and happily it was not a bad case and i was able to untangle it quickly, but if
be on this sailboat. >> police now say this little girl left on a doorstep is zoey brown of marietta, georgia. brown's parents were arrested friday night. a man found zoey on his doorstep in south carolina tuesday night. the 4-year-old is doing okay. she is in a foster home until officials can try to locate any other relatives who may be able to care for her. >>> in atlanta, it is down to the ncaa final two. louisville and michigan. both earned spots in the ncaa championship game. that's tomorrow right here in atlanta at the georgia dome. but as we wait for that tipoff, there's so much fun going on for the thousands of sports fans who have flooded the city. among them, nischelle turner where some a-list stars have joined you and they're giving free concerts. it seems like this is much more popular than the games themselves? >> well, you know, that's debatable, fred, but i will tell you this, this is a great place to be today because there are no games going on. so it's a perfect place to come out to, centennial park, today, and listen to free music from arguably one of the biggest stars to ever hit
real father was gerald ford sr. >> lillian carter. >> oh, she was a georgia original. lillian carter was -- she's another one that i feel confident that jimmy carter could never have been elected president had it not been for his mother. the reason i say that is that from her earliest days, she was totally open-minded on race. and in south georgia, that was not an easy thing. jimmy carter said that his mother -- he said, my mother had no -- knew no color line. and that was implanted in him. his father was a classic georgia segregationist who died before the supreme court decision. her -- she was a great baseball fan. her great hero in 1947, that early, was jackie robinson. now in plains, georgia, that was not a popular hero. but that's how strongly she felt about the racial equality and tolerance. and without that, he could not have been nominated, much less elected. >> james earl carter sr., what was he like? >> he was a very successful peanut warehouseman and farmer. very much a man of his place and his time. he was very glad that his son went to annapolis. that was jimmy carter's
plotted on top of that radar. so it just continues tonight for atlanta, georgia, on up even toward the northeast, into gainesville. i can't believe there's not a tornado on this storm north of alpharetta. i'm sure there's damage, whether it's straight line wind damage or tops of trees coming off. tell you what, there is a big storm there in the northern suburbs of atlanta, georgia right now, still moving toward cumming, georgia. montgomery, big storm to the south. you see the line with thousands of lightning strikes down to pensaco pensacola. the watch boxes you see here continue to indicate the presence of spin possibility until 4:00 in the morning for many of these counties, including south carolina, north carolina and georgia. that's what a tornado watch means, is that things can happen. when we say warning, things are happening and only extreme northern georgia do we have one warning. that storm was on the ground for a very long time, all the way from alabama all the way up to north georgia. we will obviously have pictures of damage in the morning. we obviously had some picture
by georgia. the bears dominating in the second half to advance to the elite eight for the first time in school history. they're ranked in the top ten most of the season but cal is still searching for national recognition, the kind of which stanford has had for years. >> i've been in conversations with my coach friends who joked last year when we played a good game against notre dame. you guys are pretty good. we didn't know there was basketball 0 on stanford. i think anytime you proffer well on the big stage it helps the entire west coast. we're happy to be the ones people are looking at. >> cal and georgia tomorrow night. the sharks are enjoying the four-game win streak. they had a little light practice, family tau, joe pavelski with his son and daughter. one player was just culled up front the mineors. played ought hockey for the junior sharks and is now playing for the team he rooted for as a kid. >> those guys, just normal guys just like me, so they're all great guys and helped me feel welcome. >> great story. tonight at 6:00, reaction from louisville on the kevin ware interest
. stanford were upended by georgia. the bears dominating in the second half to advance to the elite eight for the first time in school history. now 31-' 3 and have been ranked in the top ten. cal still searching for the national recognition. >> i've been in conversations with my coach friends who joked with us last year when we played a good game against notre dame, wow, you guys are pretty good. we didn't know there was basketball other than stanford. you have to have a good product so anytime you proffer well on the big stage, helps the entire west coast. we're happy to be the ones people are looking at. >> now, cal play georgia tomorrow night. louisville holds superstar brittany griner to 14 points. baylor down 19 in the second half. reed fouled by groiner, makes both feet treats. time for a desperation heave by simms. no. 82-18 the final. louisville dethrones the defending national champs in one of the biggest upsets in women's basketball history and the door opens wide for cal. >> the sharks are enjoying a four-game win streak. light practice on sunday, family town. pavelski with his
to georgia for the statewide public defenders system in georgia and then i moved to new orleans in the wake of katrina to help rebuild that office and started to see what i experience nd dc was the exception and not the rule. for example i remember walking into a courtroom in new orleans, very first time ever walked into a courtroom in new orleans and there were people everywhere. people in suits you didn't know who the defenders were, you didn't know who the prosecutors were and you knew who the clients were because they were shackled on the seats. the judge started calling names and in the next second he would call another name and you heard voices, that would be the voice speaking for the person. a lawyer never stood next to the client and then the judge calls a name and there was no voice and he says is there mr. so and so here? he says i'm here. >> he says where is your lawyer? i haven't seen my lawyers since 70 days ago. what had been shocked to me for a man who had been locked for more than 70 days, nobody knew that. they had been used to a system, a level of expectation for poor p
team. never been before. the final 4. they were facing georgia tonight in the elite 8. lindsay amazing in year 2 at cal which she has been able to do bull dog built a 10 point lead james with the drive. cal on a run to answer and rig by 2 of the 14 to tie at 50. armstrong. send the game to over time. the huge as always. the spin. the dry. the pull up jumper. had 25. cal up 6. 2 seconds left. georgia down 3. desperation and cal moving on to the final 4 for the first time in program history. 65-6 65-62. >> i knew this was possible. i believe more in this group than anyone ever and this is still better than my wildest dreams. i feel in so lucky every day to be around this grew. even if not in the 15 4 but now that we are i share with the world and couldn't be more proud. >> she's terrific. shark hos hosting the canuck. i like it when kids show up in the mask. midway in the second period. andrew beats snyder for first gel of the year 1 nothing man in teal. 41 seconds later. thornton doesn't shoot off when he does things happen. fifth in a row. raiders have acquired
, the public defender in georgia was great because they let me follow a trial for a week and a half in georgia and it was great to bring to the public what it was like to be involved in a capital murder trial. a guy who was falsely imprisoned for 20 years. he was a very eloquent storyteller himself. i'm going to read a short passage about him. today bright 56 six on the porch in new orleans 7th ward and rest on the head of his yellow dog. it's 2012 and he often finds himself amusing over time lost, time wasted. it feels like a minute that i have been out here. it took time to adjust to life on the outside and once on the a dark rainy morning as he found himself biking to his miserable job in mississippi he felt real despair. from recognized he was 47 years old and never had a car and afford for 20 years in prison. sometimes he says it's little things like that that can drag him down into sorrow. he chose to do something that both keep those wasted years fresh in his memory. he helps to educate others in the hopes that his story will spur reform. he's not an educated man. his formal
" returns. >>> now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning for you. in georgia a high-speed crash ripped a car apart, nearly killing the two people inside. the out-of-control vehicle ran into a wall causing the driver and passenger to be ejected and catapulting the back half into a passing car. the driver of the severed car is in critical condition, while his passenger and the other driver are listed in stable condition. >>> next to a powerful louisiana storm, high winds and heavy rains swept through towns in the southwest leaving several downed trees and property damage in its wake. no injuries or deaths were reported. >>> then to new york. a restaurant had the scoop on an unusual april fools' day tradition, pulled pork ice cream is the latest bizarre flavor created by the eatery. customers described the blend as salty and baconlike. past april fools' day flavors include grilled cheese and sauerkraut. >>> and finally, remember the california easter bunny that highway police pulled over? well, he's become an internet sensation. overjoyed, he was able to lift some spiri
and they are deported? >> i will start with that because i filmed in georgia. i will tell you about really i think about it like still a lot. a man who was accused of drug trafficking. although the police report as the police officer testified on the stand did not mention drugs. magically the amount of drugs that were not in the police report exceeded the threshold of 45 to life. the man on trial, his story and the story of a man who had pleaded guilty with him was that he was a roofer in georgia. his friends said do you want to go to lunch, i have to make a stop. he's a passengerer in a car and unaware there were drugs in the car. after a day-and-a-half on trial he's convicted alone. he doesn't speak any english. so there is a translator who is trying her best to keep up with everything that's happening but you can tell he has no idea of what's happening. a day-and-a-half after being convicted with no evidence against him, nothing to point to the fact that this man was in anyway involved in trafficking, of course crystal meth, he was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. so when they said guilty i
decided to go to birmingham after what was seen a failure in albany, georgia. they thought in birmingham they would do it differently. it would be more -- they were learning as they went. they were going into one of the most frightening racist towns in the whole country. so they felt that cometh they cracked birmingham, they could crack jim crow. i won't go through the whole story, but, if in those weeks leading up to jail, things weren't going well. the black people of birmingham and the black clergy were not responding to his call to go forward. and you hear a very frustrated king who is disappointed with black people before he is disappointed in the clergyman in a letter. a few weeks before all this happens, god is telling moses why are you having the children of israel complained to me to take them to the promised land? they have to go there themselves. and then you hear king saying i can do it alone. you start to hear the -- i can't do it alone. you start to hear the frustration and him. they may lose, after all they llve ambled, they have gone oa in antifamily decides that he wi gi
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